Revolution of an azimuth 2006

A work in two shapes
Revolution of an azimuth (circle) fabric : dimensions variable
Revolution of an azimuth (square) board, plastic, fabric, paper, pencils : dimensions variable
Encounter to encounter: expounding the playground, Taipei, Taiwan, 2006.

Revolution of an azimuth is a work in two shapes - a circle and a square.

The first became part of the ferris wheel. Seven of the fourteen gondolas were covered entirely in fabric, seven colours echoing the colours of the wheel.

When visitors entered the encased gondolas their ascent was transformed. Instead of the visual cornucopia offered by the height, they were surrounded by colour, their sensation of movement altered, and their focus turned to sound, from the park and the nearby world.

The square, a small house, 5 x 5 m, was found at the exit of the ferris wheel. Here visitors could write their feelings on the sounds they hear on the wheel or elsewhere in the park.

On three sides of the square were smaller squares, the seven colours of the wheel's gondolas where people can place their heads and hear in colour.

They overflowed the partitions and draw the light from the exterior; appearing like cubes on each side.

It is an interior turned inside out, like a glove.

An azimuth is the arc of the horizon, measured through a fixed point and the vertical circle passing through an object. It is also the distance between the direction of a fixed point and the direction of an object. After some travels, the word can be traced back to Arabic, al-sumut the azimuth, plural of al-samt, the way.

In French there is a saying, Dans tous les azimuts, tous azimuts : dans toutes les directions en même temps.

In all directions at the same time.