écouter, Miss China, 2003
Other images from "L'art d'être au monde", Melle, 2003

écouteur 2003/2007

écouteur is a collection of five conduits, red,
carrying sound, voice, interlacing, crossing and wrapping
the head.

From these open passages to the ears, five voices mix for a listener.

Experience is dilated, as heat dilates the body, the voices increase our present.
Partition and distribution of the sources of emission in five frequencies create
a concert for one person, transforming the signs, sounds, voices present in it.


écouteur embodies the overwhelming noise we all face. écouteur is a device for speaking and listening. One person wears the écouteur and five others take the flexible tubes and propose questions, tell stories - speak.

We won't know what the one person hears. It is only for them.